Add Injury

1. Quickly Add Injuries

  • Create a digital claim file
  • Never miss an accident report
  • Onsite accident investigation
  • Notify supervisors
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Find claims quickly

2. Status Reports And Notifications

Never misplace a status report again.

  • Built in email system
  • Report history
  • Track follow up appointments
  • Full claim history
Status Report

3. We Alert You When Actions Are Needed

It’s like having a team of work comp managers and doctors on your side.

  • We notify you when steps are overlooked
  • Provide tips to help manage each claim
  • Monitors the claim process
  • Helps prevent over treatment

4. Collaborate And Centralize Claims

Every claim is stored in a centralized location for easy access and tracking.

  • Provide access to managers
  • Onsite claim filing
  • Centralize all your claims
  • Submit information from anywhere
Track Cost

5. Track Cost Per Claim

Easily track the cost per claim and detailed reporting.

  • Track the cost per visit
  • Run reports by location or branch
  • Track cost per clinic
  • See total cost per claim

6. Employees Get Back To Work Safer & Faster

Are you ready to get injured employees back to work faster and save money?